Özkan Özkaya
17 January 2018
Business Administration
I study organization and organizational behavior in the academic sense and I would like to share what I learned during my research. Maybe it will be beneficial to a company owner or a manager in their business. Human relations is a process that is di...
Zafer Yilmaz
02 January 2018
Everything first begins in mind. If something, like our export sale, doesn't go well, it is probable that the problem lies down in the way of our thinking. After all, it is the real source for everything that is happening to us. Therefore, even a sli...
Zafer Yilmaz
12 December 2017
In respect of doing marketing and advertising, well-established giant companies have huge resources while small and medium-sized enterprises work with small budgets. But, as the world is now online, even with small budgets we can create miracles. In ...
01 December 2017
Companies & Markets
Plastic bags are so cheap that they are widely used and generously distributed by shops to their customers free of charge. In many cases, consumers take those plastic shopping bags with no cost, use them and almost at the same day, throw them a...
Zafer Yilmaz
28 November 2017
Companies & Markets
Baklava has a special place among Turkish desserts. Baklava is also one of the most famous and popular desserts in the world. Turkish, Balkan, Caucasus, Middle Asian and Middle Eastern kitchens were areas where this king of the desserts ruled for cen...
Özkan Özkaya
17 July 2017
Companies & Markets
Human communities are a mixture of the past and the future. The most important factor that sustains this integrity is the culture which is sustainable. Organizational culture can be considered as a sub-dimension of social culture. In this sense, the ...

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