Agriculture Companies in Turkey


Here is a list of top agriculture companies in Turkey, introducing the best Turkish companies in agriculture and agribusiness. In this list we have aimed at featuring only the best agriculture and agribusiness companies of Turkey. Yet, there will be more to come. In case you have not found here what you were looking for, feel free to send us an inquiry.

Top Agriculture Companies of Turkey


Abalıoğlu Yem-Soya ve Tekstil Sanayi A.Ş. 

ABALIOĞLU Group started its operations in 1969 with its feed mill in Denizli as the first private sector feed company of Turkey. Sustaining its industrial and entrepreneurial spirit unabatedly for 45 years, ABALIOĞLU, is continuing its sound development and pioneering investments not only in the feed sector of which it is the leader, but also in agriculture, livestock and food sectors.

Agromey Gıda ve Yem San. Tic. A.Ş. 

Agromey is one of largest and most successful representatives of the aquaculture sector by an accomplished integration of fish farming, fish processing and packaging facilities and fish feed production facilities. With an annual Sea Bass & Sea Bream production capacity of 18.000 tons, Agromey is one of biggest producers and exporters in Turkey.Our products are packaged as natural or processed fresh chilled, frozen; under supervision of expert consultants in fish processing and packaging facilities locate in Aydın/Umurlu and İzmir/Karaburun that are managed by international quality standards.Besides fish farming; fish feeds are produced by the Agromarin brand in fish feed factory located at İzmir/Torbalı. Fish feeds are used for own cage operations in Izmir / Karaburun and Aydin / Akbuk in addition to that they are supplied to other fish producers.

Arbel Bakliyat Hububat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

The Arbel Group premises in Mersin are located on 100.000 sq meter parcel of land equipped with 50.000 metric tons storage capacity in horizontal warehouses. Arbel maintains its leadership role in production and processing through a continuous research and development programs.

Arslantürk Tarım Ürünleri San. İhr. ve İth. A.Ş. 

Being one of the leading companies in its sector in Turkey, ARSLANTURK takes its place among the hazelnut industry with the size of its plants and technology.

Çamlı Yem Besicilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

The Company started to carry on business with the feed production in 1983 and currently represents the quality and reliance with its 10 different locations and brands over 10. Çamlı, brought many innovations to our country such as the First Culture Fish production, the First Fish Feed production, the First American Type Open Stock Breeding, the First Turkey Breeding , the First Integrated Organic Fertilizer Production, the First Organic Fish Feed Production and the First Labeled Culture Fish Production.

Gümüşdoğa Su Ürünleri Üretim İhracat ve İthalat A.Ş. 

Gümüşdoğa, which has the leader position in agriculture-based industry, was founded at Milas in 1997. Since the foundation, Gümüşdoğa has attracted attention as a modern, highly competitive and being a leading company in the sector, and eventually rose to become a leader in fishmeal production and aquaculture business.Today, Gümüşdoğa has a high position in seabass, daurade royale and trout feed production and aquaculture. With packaging and filet plant in Güllük and smoke trout plant in Milas, Gümüşdoğa makes sure that the quality reaches the final customer.

Kılıç Deniz Ürünleri Üretimi İhr. İth. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

During our 25 years aquaculture journey that started from Bodrum, we have grown more than 1000 times. The export we make from Muğla to over 55 countries in 5 continents, have exceeded 110.000.000 $

Matlı Yem San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

Matlı is a food group which operates with the aim of meeting the protein needs of Turkey.

Tiryaki Agro Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

First established in 1965 as a lentil processing plant by Ali Tiryakioğlu in Gaziantep, Tiryaki has evolved into the sector leader in Turkey processing agricultural products such as pulses, grains, nuts, organics, feed and oilseeds with an exemplary supply chain.

Toros Tarım San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

Toros Agri, a Tekfen Holding Agri-Industry Group company, is the sector’s largest private corporation in terms of business volume, product and service portfolio, and market share. The foundations of Tekfen Group were laid as three young entrepreneurs, Feyyaz Berker, Nihat Gökyiğit and Necati Akçağlılar united to realize their ideals in 1956. Tekfen Group, as an institution integrated with reliability, honesty and quality, has a reputable place in Turkish business life with its approach seeking perfection in its every area of activity and the ethical values it defends besides its brands and marketing power. Tekfen Group has been involved in numerous successful projects from 1956 to date domestically and abroad, and today operates through 39 companies and 10 subsidiaries, each one well known in its sector.Founded in 1974, Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co. Inc. comprises of various business segments focusing on agricultural activities. 
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