He was born in 1968 in Aydın. After completing his primary and secondary school education in Aydın, he won the METU Metallurgy engineering in Ankara in 1985. After 3 years, he had to leave the school. For nearly two decades, he has worked in many fields, ranging from marketing to corporate management. In the meantime, he worked in journal and radio... for programer. Currently, he is a master degree Business Administration and International Relations, at Adnan Menderes University. He works freely on TKDK, KOSGEB, GEKA and EU projects and writes projects. He works and writes on business management, institutionalization, management and organization issues. He is also the project coordinator for the first and only strategic research institution of the Aegean region named YenifikirSAM. More
Mustafa Hakan Saldı currently studies master degree and works for an investment consulting firm in Istanbul. Besides, he likes to read books and play football.
Editor account of Bizbey.com. Editor writes about events, companies and current news.
Zafer Yilmaz is founder of Bizbey. He has a professional background in international trade and marketing with 10+ years of practical experience in the field of export, import, marketing, sourcing and business development. Yilmaz currently lives in Istanbul and helps SMEs grow their business. You can connect him on bizbey.com/network

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