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Shipping Container Dimensions


Measurement of shipping containers is very essential information for international trade professionals and should always be available at any time. There are different types of shipping containers in use. However, in this blog post, we will give dimensions and capacity of the most used 2 dry cargo shipping containers: 20ft DC (Dry Cargo) container and 40ft HC (High Cube) container.

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70% Year-End Discount and a Farewell to 2018


Our Corporate Members can create their company page in our Companies directory and enjoy the opportunities brought by a high visibility and a strong online presence. Here is your chance of participating in a super good business directory with an excellent timing.

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Netpak Ambalaj Provides Solution to a Global Problem with Eco-friendly Bags Manufacturing

Plastic bags are so cheap that they are widely used and generously distributed by shops to their customers free of charge. In many cases, consumers take those plastic shopping bags with no cost, use them and almost at the same day, throw them as trash. However, as consumers, we actually face with a horrible cost that we think we don't pay.
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