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List of top food companies in Turkey, mainly featuring manufacturers and suppliers. More companies will be added soon.

Top Food Companies of Turkey


Abalıoğlu Yağ

Abalıoğlu Yağ, started its activities in 2006 in the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone/Izmir. Abalıoğlu Yağ, our Cigli factory is established on an area of totally 25 decares. Daily 450 tons of soybeans are processes in our establishment and 320 tons of soy meal, 90 tons of soy oil and 30 ton of soy shell are produced in our establishment. Further daily 250 tons of full oily-soy (full-fat soy) production is made. 12.000 tons of soy meal, 4.500 tons of soy oil and 150 tons of soy shells are storable in the facility with a raw material storage capacity of 17.000 tons are.


Today Altınmarka is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial cocoa and chocolate, and a trusted solutions partner to leading global brands in over 50 countries worldwide.In 2012, Altınmarka was honored with Europe's Best Cocoa and Chocolate Factory of the Year award, presented by the European Candy Kettle Club.Our state-of-the-art production plants in Istanbul encompass cocoa processing and industrial chocolate production facilities with a combined annual capacity of 270,000 tonnes, making Altınmarka the 6th largest producer of cocoa and the 2nd largest producer of industrial chocolate in the world. We supply highest-grade cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass while our chocolate product offer ranges across literally hundreds of liquid or moulded chocolate recipes for chocolate ingredients, inclusions, decorations and finished chocolate products. Our company’s high-tech infrastructure, sophisticated R&D capabilities, fast internal decision-making processes and our dedicated, highly trained staff have helped create a very strong track record for Altınmarka, especially across customized and tailor-made services for product development, improvement and recipe optimization. Our convenient geographic location in Istanbul provides our customers with an additional logistic advantage for deliveries to countries across the entire European region as well as Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Near East and North Africa.

Anadolu Efes

Having started its operations with two breweries established in Turkey, Anadolu Efes soon became the country’s undisputed market leader in the sector. In the 1990s, the company expanded abroad by a decision which proved to be a turning-point in its corporate history. Constantly seeking to ensure the viability of its international operations, in 2012 the company took an important step in the direction of broadening its regional clout by entering into a strategic partnership with SABMiller Plc (SABMiller). Anadolu Efes’ international beer operations are carried out by Efes Breweries International NV (EBI), a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Holland. The company also controls a majority stake in Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. "CC"), which is responsible for the conduct of Coca-Cola operations in Turkey, and international markets. Anadolu Efes today serves more than 670 million consumers with a portfolio of beer and soft drink brands. Making about three-fourth of its beer sales outside its home market, Anadolu Efes is Europe’s sixth and the world’s 14th biggest brewer by sales volume. With 15 breweries, six malteries, and one hops processing facility in six countries and with 24 bottling plants of its Coca-Cola operations in 10 countries, Anadolu Efes, one of the most important players in its region, ships its products to more than 70 countries. Anadolu Efes is today the leader of its industry with its strong, insightful vision and a dynamic, efficient organizational structure. Supported by its pioneering, innovative approach and its solid corporate competencies that it has built up in the 47 years since it was founded, Anadolu Efes is ready for the future with the synergies that it is capable of creating, and its deep knowledge and experience.

Companies - BIZBEY

In 1993, we started our Mantı journey in the kitchen of our house. My mother Inci BALKAYA, the expert of the business, was making the manti made by her own hands, due impossibleness, was drying Manti near stove at winter and under sun shine at summer to make ready for sale.We were using public transport to bring the ravioli prepared by İnci BALKAYA to the order addresses. During this period between 1993-1995, we have seen that our house, which we serve with the principles of ‘’ Quality ‘’ and ‘’ Trust ”, is not enough in time. On September 2, 1995, we started our commercial life by holding a store of 80 square meters.We have strengthened our strength with the innovations and innovative solutions that we brought to our sectorUntil today, we love all bother that we faced in our Works . We are now moving forward by collecting the fruits of our work and constantly improving ourselves.We started to meet our first developments with our refrigerated vehicles at -18 ° C in order to increase our customers' demands and quality standards.We are happy and proud that we use -18 ° C refrigerated vehicles with high standards in order to bring our products as first day quality to many sales points at Turkey.In order to continue selling our products at the same quality in our retail outlets, we started to install deep freezers as consignment at the sales points since 2004.As Aneda Gıda, we prepare the physical space required for the production of our products in a delicious and healthy way in accordance with the food codex in our new building. We think we are an example to our competitors in this regard.With Aneda Gıda, you can be sure that you can reach our products in the most healthy way, and you can benefit from our delicious varieties that appeal to your taste.

Anı Biskuvi

ANI BISCUITS Inc. was established in 1995 and started its operations with the production of biscuits. With 20 years of success in sales give us opportunities to continuous investment.
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