Interview with Antonio José Casas about Spanish Wine

Interview with Antonio José Casas about Spanish Wine

​Antonio José Casas is currenly Export and Marketing Manager at Vinispana, S. Coop. I am very glad that he generously accepted my interview request. I love to interact with such people who have great personality. Here is our interview.

Vinispana's motto is "Spanish Wine Legacy". What is this legacy about and what is the story behind Vinispana?

Vinispana, "The Spain Legacy" was created for 8 of the most important producers of wine under the cooperative system in Spain. The idea was born with the purpose that one company can offer to the world the biggest selection of wines produced for their partners. Who are our partners? The hundred of farmers around Spain who year by year work in their farms to bring us the best grapes. 

Always a few big players come to mind when we think about some industrial product categories. But the wine market is pretty different. I consider that each winemaker can have something unique. Each wineyard has different conditions than others. Winemaking methods might be also different as well. So, I think, there is a place for every producer in this market. What do you think? 

Of course, each wine is unique. We talk about Spanish wines but Spain has around 1 thousand kilometers from the north to the south and 9 hundred kilometers from the east to the west. Inside this area there are different weather, different terroir, everything is different. All these matters affect to the grapes which are the most important raw material to make wines. 

How do you define good wine? 

The best wine is the wine you like. Depending on the market, people buy following some trends but if you spend money in a wine and the wine doesn't like you, I am sure that you are not going to buy this wine any more. In my opinion, all wines are good, but different. Same for colors, which color is more beautiful? 

What is the percentage of your sales in comparison between domestic and international market? 

Nowadays we are doing more about 60% export and 40% domestic. In few years export has been growing a lot due to new market opportunities. 

Considering export operations, I think that logistics is something that should be handled carefully. What do you think, are there enough logistics companies who specialize in wine transportation? Do you have any advice for importers? 

This is not a determinant matter in this business. Of course, our target is that the wine we sell in Japan will arrive to Japan after 40 days transport in perfect conditions. But hundred of companies (forwarders) can guarantee us that the wine will arrive ok. The only advice for the importers is that they must have confidence in the exporter's experience. 

What is your plans for future? Any news to share? 

Sorry, I cannot talk about that because the competitors can hear that, jajaja!! Keep working hard is the only plan for future. 

Thank you so much! 

You are welcome! Has been my pleasure.

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