Metal Companies in Turkey


Here is a list of top metal companies in Turkey, mostly in non-ferrous metal industry as producer, supplier, and service provider.

Top Metal Companies in Turkey


Altek Döküm

Altek Dokum is a manufacturing company specializing in copper and copper alloyed rolled semi-finished products since 1971.Altek Dokum has wide range of products including copper and copper alloyed strips, sheets, discs, special alloyed products, coin blanks and case cups. Altek Dokum is specialized in copper and copper alloyed rolled products, supplies with its products the sectors as electric, electronic, automotive, textile, sanitary systems, automation sectors,construction, roofing and cladding, defense industry and mints.

Assan Alüminyum

Assan Alüminyum is a leading manufacturer in the flat rolled aluminium sector, producing flat rolled products (coil, sheet and foil) since its establishment in 1988.Operating as a subsidiary of Kibar Holding, its two plants in Tuzla (İstanbul) and Dilovası (Kocaeli) have a combined capacity reaching up to 300 thousand tons of flat rolled products (FRP), making Assan Alüminyum the clear leader in its sector in Turkey and one of the leading FRP manufacturers in Europe, as well.In 2013, a new coil coating plant of 60 thousand tons began production.Assan Alüminyum is the 41th Largest Industrial Company of Turkey


A. Nuri ERİKOĞLU had previously been hand-crafting home-purpose copper products such as boilers, braisers, trays in Denizli Kale İçi Coppersmiths' Bazaar, but had foresaw the future change in copper's area of use. With the entrepreneurial spirit he took up by commencing industrialism in the 1960s, he established ER-BAKIR in 12 March 1981, located at the Street 665 12/14 in the first industrial site of Denizli, to produce the copper wires in electric cables used almost all areas today. Having served only as a fractional workshop in its early years, from 1983 onwards ER-BAKIR has shifted its area of investment to what it is today. In the year 1984, a partnership under the name ER-BAKIR was formed with Cafer Sadık ABALIOĞLU, who is both a close friend and the father-in-law of A. Nuri ERİKOĞLU, and a respected name among the industrialists of Denizli. With the material, moral and knowledge support of ABALIOĞLU and ERİKOĞLU families, ER-BAKIR has took up an unstoppable rise which still continues today.

Sarbak Metal

Sarbak Metal is an internationally leading company with activities carried out in the field of non-ferrous metal brass production by extending to many sectors from automotive to industry.


Founded in 1972, Sarkuysan went public the very same year and became a publicly owned company with 1612 investors. The company, commenced production in 1975 and paid dividends to its shareholders almost every year since 1976, now has approximately 5000 shareholders. Nearly all of its shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since the Exchange was inaugurated in 1986.
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