Netpak Ambalaj Provides Solution to a Global Problem with Eco-friendly Bags Manufacturing

Plastic bags are so cheap that they are widely used and generously distributed by shops to their customers free of charge. In many cases, consumers take those plastic shopping bags with no cost, use them and almost at the same day, throw them as trash. However, as consumers, we actually face with a horrible cost that we think we don't pay.
A plastic bag can take between 400 to 1.000 years to break down in the environment. After having broke down, those toxic particles pollute soil and waterways and enter the food web when they are accidentally ingested by animals. It is reported that plastic bags cause over 100.000 sea turtle and other marine animal deaths every year. In short, plastic bags are one of the main items to be deal with in respect to environmental pollution and garbage problem of our world.

Governments with environmental awareness took several steps to cope with this issue. Some of them banned plastic bag usage in shops, some took precautions to prevent irresponsibly and free of charge distribution of plastic bags. However, a lot of company with environmental awareness chose to offer eco-friendly bags to their customers instead of plastic bags by independently taking initiative without waiting any legal obligation.

Solution: Eco-friendly Bags

Widespread usage of reusable bags from eco-friendly materials is suggested as a viable solution to the problem caused by plastic bags. In this field there is a major manufacturer from Turkey called Netpak Ambalaj, a company that manufactures eco-friendly reusable bags. In their respective area, Netpak Ambalaj is also one of the biggest manufacturers in the Europe. Founded in 1983 in Kayseri, moved to Istanbul in 2003, the company so far showed a stable growth. Since 2013 they gave special priority to export activities and in 2017 they were awarded as "Difference Maker in Export" by İDMİB, Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters' Association. Having several patents and useful models, Netpak Ambalaj demonstrates an active approach to research & development, design, production and marketing.
From awards ceremony of "Difference Makers in Export"
From Interpack 2017

New Investments on the Way

Considering having an increase in export sales each year, in 2017 Netpak Ambalaj decided to make investments and expand production lines in order to respond to growing demand worldwide for reusable eco-friendly bags. Netpak Ambalaj also, via their subsidiary company Ultrapak Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş., manufactures ultrasonic welding machines which are used in manufacturing reusable bags. Finally, they are rightly proud of the fact that they produce eco-friendly products while providing a solution to a serious problem of the world and taking the lead in their industry.

Final Remarks

Some industries are declining, while some others are growing. Environmental problems have reached to such a critical point, it seems that in a near future, only those companies, which internalize the fact that being conscious about environmental concerns is not an obligation but a duty, will continue their way.
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