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List of top packaging companies in Turkey. Supplier and manufacturer companies of Turkey in food packaging, plastic packaging, flexible packaging, kraft packaging. 

Top Packaging Companies in Turkey



Abdioğulları Plastic and Packaging Industry Co. has been manufacturing PP and PE based packaging products and the range of twines for agricultural usage with the latest technology since 1963.

Ambalaj Kulübü

We are producer of PP containers and trays mostly for food industry.

Elif Flexible Packaging

Elif is a global supplier for flexible packaging solutions, known and preferred with its quality. Continuously improving its service and quality standards after its establishment in 1972, Elif has been authenticated as the market leader for setting high quality standards in the flexible packaging industry by its multinational customers with leading brands. The “benchmark” factory of Elif, which is one of the leading production facilities in the world both with its architecture, infrastructure and its technology and high capacity is settled on a total area of 110,000 m2 of which 55,000m2 is covered area. Together with the new plant that started in 2014 by modelling the benchmark factory, Elif has a production capacity approaching 80,000 tons per year. Elif aims to sustain its growth through new investments in various territories by progressing its benchmark factory which is hold up as a model worldwide.


Launched in 1988, Frimpeks® is building a market leading reputation through a broad product portfolio. Our rapid growth strategy has allowed us to add production facilities in several countries offering a speedy and highly efficient worldwide distribution network.

Kahramanmaraş Paper Industry

Kahramanmaras Paper Industry Incorp. (Kahramanmaraş Kağıt Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi) was founded in Kahramanmaraş in 1988. Company started its activities at the end of 1989 by producing corrugated paperboard with a PMI paper machine with a capacity of 40,000 ton per annum. The paper mill was constructed over an area of 200,000 m², with an indoor space of 30,000 m². With the inclusion of PM II paper machine in production in 1997, grey board production was also started. In the same year, the modernization investment on PM I paper machine increased both quality and the total capacity to 150,000 tons per annum.


Kartonsan was founded in 1967 as the “first” private producer of coated cardboards in Turkey, under challenging market conditions at a time when paper production was a state-controlled business. Having begun its production in 1970, Kartonsan, today, is the leading coated cardboard producer in Turkey and the 4th biggest in Europe. According to data gathered in 2015, Kartonsan commands a 31% share of the coated cardboard market in Turkey.

Köksan PET Packaging

KÖKSAN Pet Packaging Ind. Co. has been in the packaging industry since 1968, starting its journey as a tin can producer. Then later moved on to make PET bottles and jars. Currently the company produces PET jars, PET preforms, PET Sheets, PE Closures and PET Resin.KÖKSAN Inc. sets its highest priority to always keep superior quality while working with reputable purchasers and the most cost effective suppliers.


KOROZO commenced its activities within the packaging industry in 1973. The sector leader has broken new grounds in the packaging field, with its continuous investments year by year while growing rapidly. As of 2009, KOROZO Izmir, KOROPLAST, KORSINI-SAF and SAREKS are combined within the name of KOROZO.Today, with its wide product range, and its annual production capacity of over 105.000 tonnes per year, KOROZO has become one of the largest production plant in the Middle East and Europe. KOROZO, employing over 1.700 professionals in its 9 manufacturing plants, has a total closed area of 210.000 sqm 5 in Istanbul, 2 in Tekirdag, 2 in Izmir.Headquartered in Istanbul, at the crossroads of overseas trading, with a modern logistic base and vast connections to key markets, KOROZO serves worldwide through its offices in the UK, Germany and France too.Strengthened through its remarkable volume of exports to more than 70 countries, KOROZO has evolved into a global brand, propelled by its investments in high technology, innovations, research&development projects. Our persistent efforts to prioritize customer needs based on our 44 years of experience, enrich our spectrum of supplies and services. KOROZO produced the first garbage bag and freezer bag in Turkey, under the brand name KOROPLAST.KOROZO always ranks top amongst the first 500 industrial companies in Turkey, as per the surveys of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Polibak Plastic Film

Polibak is one of the leading plastic film producers of Turkey and has been producing BOPP and CPP film since 1994 in its facilities established on an area of 180.000 m2 in İzmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone. Polibak has a production capacity of 130.000 tons of BOPP, 25.000 tons of Metallized BOPP, and 3.000 tons of CPP films per year in three facilities located in the same zone.
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