Paint and Coatings Companies in Turkey


Here is a list of top paint and coatings companies in Turkey, featuring the best Turkish companies as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of paints and coatings. In this list we have aimed at introducing only the top manufacturers of Turkey in paints and coatings industry. Yet, there will be more to come. In case you have not found here what you were looking for, you are welcome to send us your inquiry.

Top Paint and Coatings Companies in Turkey


Betek Boya ve Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. 

Founded in 1988, Betek Boya San. ve Tic. AS has been the leading company in architectural paints and thermal insulation systems in Turkey. The long history of Betek started with the development of high quality products in the fields of concrete admixtures, ready-mixed mortars and water insulation materials for construction materials industry. In 1993, Betek took a step forward and entered the architectural paint market via a technological cooperation with DAW under the brand name Caparol, the leading paint brand in Europe. The partnership of the two companies has been a milestone for both Betek and the Turkish Paint Industry setting very high standards with the leadership of Filli Boya brand and extending to the other brands such as Capatect, Alsecco and Alligator. With its wide range of products, catering the needs of various industries such as industrial, wood and architectural coatings Betek has been a pioneer not only in Paint Industry but also a key player in Turkish Industry becoming one of the elite top 100 companies.

Dyo Boya Fabrikaları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

Dyo Boya is known as the original paint brand in Turkey and over the years has become one of the leading brand names in the coatings industry. The company has grown from its small-scale origins to a top ranked company with significant market share and high volume of paint production. The paint operation started in 1927 with Durmuş Yaşar’s Bureau and developed over the years into a paint producing workshop in 1941. A further milestone was reached with the establishment of the Dyo Boya Fabrikaları in the Bornova region of Izmir in 1953. Since then, Dyo Boya has been a prominent name in the Turkish coatings industry.

Permolit Paint 

Permolit Boya is one of the brands belonging to the group of companies Akçalı.Permolit Boya JSC appeared in the Turkish paint company in 1984. In 1986, Akçalı AS became the first manufacturer of ceiling paint in Turkey. At the moment Permolit Boya, which produces more than 300 products, continues to hold leading positions in the production of ceiling paint in a highly competitive environment.Permolit Boya produces water-based interior and exterior paints, ceiling paints, primers, fillers, insulating materials, colorants, oil paints, synthetic paints and primers for final finishing, anticorrosive agents, solvents, wood protective coatings, special paints, thermal insulation systems and other auxiliary materials.The company’s goal is to provide high-quality goods and services at reasonable prices and meet world standards, fully satisfying the needs of customers, thanks to innovative equipment and high level of service.
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