Steel Companies in Turkey


Here is a top list of steel companies in Turkey, featuring best manufacturers and suppliers in steel industry. 

Top Steel Companies of Turkey


Asil Çelik

Asil Çelik has been built on 570.000 m2 and has a closed area of 100.000 m2 with a capacity of 485.000 ton/year crude steel and 410.000 ton /year hot rolled products.Asil Çelik sells 70% of her production to the automotive industry and aims to increase its market share in proportion to the developments in automotive industry both domestically and globally.

Baştuğ Metallurgy

Baştuğ Metallurgy is the pride investment of Baştuğ family, which has been providing service in the iron and steel sector for over forty years. Founded with the union of Yolbulan and Baştuğ in 2008, the corporation continues its sectorial life as Baştuğ Metallurgy thanks to the agreement reached in the second half of 2016.Focusing on growing with the technological investments each day and making the quality production reflexive, Baştuğ with its turnover over 1 billion dollars provides service in its 700 thousand m2 plants in total, with 145 thousand m2 being indoor, in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone. With liquid steel production capacity of 2 million tons annually, 


Manufacturing at global standards of quality, Borçelik produces Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, Cold Rolled Steel and Pickled and Oiled Hot Rolled Steel. The products produced by Borçelik are spreading all over the world through its customer-focused service approach. Only for those who require the very best for their business.

Çağ Çelik

CAG CELİK INC, was founded in 1978 and started its production by reinforcement steel bars, coming years followed, more range of the products to answer various demands of the markets. Accordingly, all the investments to increase production capacity and quality have been completed by monitoring latest teknology in steel production.

Çayırova Boru

Çayırova Boru Tic. A.Ş. was established at Çayırova region 10 km far from İstanbul on 1978 and it serves for over 35 years in steel pipe sector with annual 300,000 tons manufacturing capacity in approximately 100,000 m2 residence area. Çayırova Boru manufactures oil pipes, natural gas pipes, water pipes, boiler pipes, general purpose pipes and structural hollow sections between 3/8” and 12 3/" diameter range via latest technology with experienced and trained staff. It has a very large product range including Galvanize Coating, Polyethylene Coating, Epoxy Coating, Internal Concrete Coating, Paint and Varnish and similar protective coatings. Çayirova Boru has Quality and Manufacturing Management Systems that are registered by internationally reputable audit corporations and it exports considerable part of its products to more than 30 countries and continues to make contributions to Turkish industry and exports.


ÇEMTAŞ, a publicly-held joint-stock company established on 27.01.1970 with the participation of industrialists, businessmen, small craftsmen and public entrepreneurs from Bursa on 27.01.1970 to operate on a land of 101 acres in Bursa, Organized industrial area; Furnace Skilled Steel Producer in Turkey and produces steel according to TS, DIN, AISI, SAE norms and special orders.

Çınar Boru

Our company has started to trading on 1980 as CINAR TICARET, then became CINAR BORU PROFIL SAN. Ve TIC. LTD.STI. on 1985 then established a factory on Akcakoca. At the beginning the factory was constructed as 3500 square meter covered area.As of 2014, CINAR BORU A.S. has two facilities. One is located on Akcakoca and the other is located on Eregli. The factory, located on Akcakoca, produces ERW pipes & tubes in 25.000 square meter covered area. Eregli factory serves as Steel Service Center in 15.000 square meter covered area.


Çolakoğlu’s involvement in the iron and steel business began with the steel trade business that our founder Mehmet Rüştü Çolakoğlu started in Karaköy, Istanbul, in 1945. The first Çolakoğlu rolling mill comissioned in Sütlüce, Istanbul, in 1960. The first meltshop went into production in Dilovası in 1969 to supply billets to the domestic market. The company now called Çolakoğlu Metalurji strengthened its sectoral leadership when it started wirerod production in 1985. In 1990, Çolakoğlu added reinforcing bars to its production line.Çolakoğlu Metalurji proved its determination in its efforts to bring state-of-the-art technologies to Turkey by investing in a new meltshop and rolling mill for flat products in 2007. At the time the meltshop was commissioned, it had the world’s largest electric arc furnace. Çolakoğlu Metalurji also made the first hot-rolled strip investment of the private sector in Turkey. The company maintains its position as a pioneer in this industry.

Corbus Çelik

Corbus is one of the main steel supplier company in Turkey. Corbus’ mission is to manufacture and to market steel, other metals and related products and to meet our customers’ needs. We are headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Corbus aims to create value by offering a differentiated product range with need of customer focusing and fully cooperation and satisfying basis. Our numerous locations and using our global resources engage in the marketing and trading of steel products, nonferrous metals, scrap and technical products.


Diler Iron & Steel Industry and Trade Inc., located in Dilovası, İzmit was established in 1954 and today reached an annual crude steel capacity of 1.500.000 Mtons. The steel shop is equipped with one 100 MVA ultra high power finger-shaft electric arc furnace and one 20 MVA ladle furnace, produces steel billets ranging from 100X100 mm to 180X180 mm cross section through a 6 strand high speed continuous casting machine. The No.1 Rolling Mill has an annual capacity of 1.100.000 Mtons, is a fully continuous two strand rolling mill incorporating double, triple, quarted slitting and controlled water cooling process (TEMPCORE).Controlled cooling (Tempcore) process attains high strength levels in the reinforcing steel bars together with an increase in the weldebality of the material as the maximum carbon equivalent is reduced.

Ege Çelik

Ege Çelik Endüstrisi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been in production of steel billets, bars and wire rods since November 2001 in Aliağa steel plant. Our plant has steel production capacity of 2.000.000 tons per year by melting scrap in electrical arc furnaces and rolling capacity of rebar and wire rod of 1.200.000 tons per year.


Ekinciler Iron and Steel Industries, Inc. is the main subsidiary company of Ekinciler Holding. Founded in Iskenderun Bay four decades ago, the company has an annual production capacity of 1.25 million tons. All types of construction steel are manufactured by a highly skilled workforce in the production plant, which is empowered with the state of the art technologies.EKDEMİR exports products to more than 60 countries all over the world. In 2011, Company's net sales were TRY 928,955,000 and was ranked 85th in 2010 and 70th in 2011 among the Top 500 industrial corporations in Turkey.

Emek Boru

Currently, Emek Boru maintains its spiral welded steel pipe production cycles running through 4 separate production lines equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies installed and commissioned in its modern manufacturing plants on an area of 100.000 square eters of open land with a 30.000 square meters confined space located in the first Organized Industrial Zone of Ankara. With an annual capacity of 460 000 tons, these facilities take on manufacturing of products in full conformity with both local and international standards. Choice of high quality materials in production in line with its carefully set policies for sustainable quality helped Emek Boru possess and maintain API 5L, TS EN 10217-1, TS EN 10219-1/2, TS 9341 EN 10224, AWWA C210, ASTM A 252 DIN 30670, DIN 30678, Production Certificates in addition to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, 97/23/EC Module H System Certifications.


Hasçelik special steel hot rolling mill, which is the most modern rolling facility in Turkey, has a capacity of 250.000 tons per year. Having a fully continuous line, Hasçelik produces round and hexagonal hot rolled special steel bars from billets.


Kardemir is a Turkish steel producer. The name is a contraction of the Turkish language Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları, which means Karabük Iron and Steel Works.

Koç Metallurgy

Koç Metallurgy founded 1993 as a trade company. Since 2016, koc metallurgy has 1.2 million tones crude steel capacity and 500 thousand tones rebar capacity per year.Koç Metallurgy keep steady growth in domestic and global markets.


The KOCAER GROUP commenced its operations in the iron and steel sector in the early 1960s in Denizli. KOCAER ROLLING MILL, the first company of the KOCAER GROUP, established its second and third factories in the Aliaga Region/Izmir in 1996 and 2008 respectively. The KOCAER ROLLING MILL is currently continuing its production activities in a total of 270 thousand m2 area, including 70 thousand m2 of covered facility.

Kroman Steel

Kroman Steel Ind Inc was established on June 25, 1966; to produce semi - finished and finished iron and steel products and trade. In October 1985, the management of the company Kroman Steel Industry Inc was transferred to the Yücel Boru Company Groups and is still producing in the Gebze Osmangazi region, in total 300.000 m 2 area with the 110.000 m2 indoor facilities. Its total annual production capacity amounts to 1.6 million tons.


MESCİER which strated business by trading iron and steel products in Karabük during its first years later became a producer in 1990 after activating its Rolling mill facility. MESCİER gained a powerful position in the Turkish iron and steel market through its rising growth year after year. Production at the Karabük and Bartın plants are at the international quality standarts. Products that MESCİER produces are; equal angles, flat bars, square bars, round bars, UPN Channels, IPN Beams and IPE Beams. The domestic and foreign marketing of these products are also handled by MESCİER.


TATMETAL, as one of Turkey's leading flat steel producer, produces under TATÇELİK brand name, primarily in construction, Automotive Industry, White Goods, including the heating and cooling sector offers the use of many different sectors.


Manufacturer of galvanized steel rolls in Turkey.
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