Tractor Companies in Turkey


Here is a list of top tractor companies in Turkey, featuring the best Turkish companies as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of tractors, tractor parts and agricultural machinery. We have aimed at introducing the best tractor companies of Turkey. Yet, there will be more to come. In case you have not found here what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry.

Top Tractor Companies in Turkey


Erkunt Tractor 

Erkunt Tractor Ind. Inc. was founded in 2003 as the first company in Turkey to design and manufacture its own tractors without the restrictions of being under the license of an international automotive company. In only 6 years, Erkunt Tractor had risen through the ranks to become the top third brand in the market and one of Turkey’s 500 largest industrial enterprises.

Hattat Traktör San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

Hattat Traktör, an organization of Hattat Group, operating in the areas of automotive and construction machinery industry since 1973, is established in 1998. Having started production activities and R&D works in 2002 for producing 100% local tractor in Cerkezkoy, Tekirdag, Hattat Traktör started mass production of first Hattat branded tractor in 2007 with its experienced engineer and qualified work force, considering the needs of developing agricultural industry.


TÜMOSAN was established in 1976 to produce motor drive and transmission organs and similar equipment, but has concentrated its activities on diesel engine and tractor production. TÜMOSAN possesses the distinctive quality of being Turkey's first diesel engine manufacturer.

TürkTraktör ve Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş. 

One of the leading manufacturers in Turkey, TürkTraktör started its industrial life in 1954 and has grown constantly over the years. Today it is one of the most important enterprises in the country with exports to more than 130 countries including the important American continent. The first manufacturer in the Turkish automotive industry, TürkTraktör was made possible by the partnership of Koç Holding, a symbol of trust in our country, and CNHI, one of the world's largest farming tractor and agricultural equipment manufacturers. The pride of Turkey, Turkish tractors have been introduced and exported to world markets through our joint venture partner CNHI. They are designed in Turkey, by Turkish engineers with almost all parts used in production manufactured in Turkey.

Yarış Kabin San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 

Yarış Kabin Co. is founded in 1977 by Hüseyin Yaris, Hasan Yarıs and Nazmi Yaris in Balıkesir Heavy Industry Zone. Being a limited company in 1982, Yarıs Kabin operates in the sector of agricultural equipment, manufacturing tractor and heavy construction vehicle security cabins. Aiming hundred percent customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and sustainable quality production strategy, Yarış brothers manufactured their first OEM production for Zirai Donatım Kurumları (Agricultural Equipment Institution, Turkey) in 1986. As the first exportation activity, company made its first business to Greece in 1993 which is followed by Spain and Italy. In 1995, factory has moved to its new destination on İzmir Highway and continued to manufacture in their new headquarters. By the participation of the second generation in 1998, company started to manufacture security cabins for Türk Traktör Company in 2000 and reformed as Inc. in 2001.
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