Turkish Automotive Suppliers


​List of top automotive (parts and components) suppliers in Turkey. New companies will be added in time.

Automotive Suppliers in Turkey


Aka Otomotiv

AKA Otomotiv is manufacturing high safety metal parts and mechanisms and counts among the few industrial companies in the global arena which houses under a single roof Tools Production, Stamping, Welding, Cathodic Coating and Assembly processes.

Assan Hanil

Assan Hanil was established in 1997 to address the customers’ needs with the standards set for automotive sub-industry. So far, it has expanded the product portfolio while primarily caring about “quality, trust and satisfaction”; and then started to deliver its services to a much wider Area in terms of both quality and quantity. Today, “BETTER FOR TODAY; FURTHER FOR TOMORROW” motto has fully become a Solution & Evolution partner identity for its customers with its advanced technology use, R&D studies and competent staff.

ATY Otomotiv

We, ATY Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. A.S. serve our estimeed customers with the sales network which spread all over Turkey. With the aim of spreading the sales network to the whole world, ATY Otomotiv takes firm steps forward by increasing the export capacity each passing day.


Was founded in 1975 as the first steering and suspension producer of Turkey; and has supplied acceleration to the sector with the improving institutional structure and fast growing producing power that it has.

Cevher Jant

Cevher Jant is one of the Cevher Group companies and operates in the automotive industry as aluminum alloy wheel producer for world known OEMs . In 2002 Cevher Jant started preliminary castings for wheel production at Cevher Dokum plant, which is the aluminum foundry in Cevher Group and specializes in the production of powertrain group. In 2003 Cevher Jant produced the first fully finished wheel in its new built plant, which is located in Aegean Free Zone with 30.000 square meter land area and yearly two million wheels production capacity.

CKM Lubrication Equipment

We are manufacturer of a variety of lubrication tools and equipment including following products;- Pneumatic grease pumps in various types,- Grease carriage with/without reel- Pneumatic oil pumps in various types such as,---- Pneumatic thin oil pump,---- Pneumatic gear oil pump,---- Barrel type oil pump,- Barrel type liquid transfer pump,- Oil carriage with/without reel,- Oil suction pumps,- Liquid spraying pumps,- Foam spraying pumps,- Oil guns in various types,- Grease guns in various types,- and so on. Please refer to our catalog for a full listing of our products.We also export our products and would like to work with dealers from all around the world. Please send us your inquires by email.


CMS manufactures high quality wheel models meeting customer expectations by combining its advanced engineering technology with molding experience of 50 years. CMS, being the market leader in Turkey, and among top 5 companies in Europe, exports 85 % of its production. CMS has become the design partner of world automotive giants thanks to its continous investment in human capital and technology.

Coşkunöz Metal Form

Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş operates in the field of pressed sheet metal production in the automotive sector.Coşkunöz is the market leader in Turkey with half century experience in the industry with 1250 employees , its closed area reaching 60.000 m² . Coşkunöz maintain this leading position with the given importance on products, human resources, processes ,environmental quality and satisfaction to customer. Company has been managed by SAP Information systems since 1996 ,and awarded with TS EN ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001 Environment ,OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety also ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems.Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş. is among the top 500 industrial enterprises in Turkey.

Ermetal Automotive

Ermetal Automotive was established in 1978 in accordance with the developments of Turkish Automotive Industry and kept growing consistently since then.Now, Ermetal Automotive is the Tier 1 supplier of Fiat, Renault, Ford, Toyota with 85 million € turnover and 800 workers in 28.000 m² enclosed area. Up to 1600T double action presses with the 800T robotic press lines, 40.000.000 parts can be stamped per year with 60.000 tons sheet metal consumption.Ermetal product range contains: roof, chassis, closure & body parts and steering columns.


Bayraktarlar; once an aftermarket trading company confined in resale, saw the opportunity to become a supplier for the newly born Turkish automotive industry. In 1975 the group started an assembly line in İstanbul. Just a few years later, in 1979, Farba was founded with Cibie license in Bursa / Turkey.Today Farba produces exterior lighting and signaling equipment such as Headlamps, Brake lamps and rear combination lamps in three locations in Bursa / Turkey with 684 employees. Major OEMs such as Daimler, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda are some of many customers of Farba. Farba designs and develops its own products in its Design and Development Center in R&D Center in Bursa. Based on customer discretion, some products are designed and produced under Koito or Valeo License. Novel technology products such as Antihaze lens coats and LED rear lamps are also produced by Farba.Farba is working in 3 different locations.


Farplas is an international leading company in the global automotive supply industry, providing interior ceiling systems, interior / exterior trims, lighting and accessories for major OEM companies within Turkey and around the world. Our variety of products fulfill our customers'​ expectations and contribute to continuous system-supplier partnership for both passenger and commercial vehicle builders. By manufacturing at the best possible cost, Farplas contributes directly to vehicle manufacturer's competitiveness.

Hema Endüstri

HEMA was established in 1973 under the name of “ Hema Hidrolik Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş” located in the Çerkezköy Industrial Zone in the Tekirdağ region to produce external gear pumps for Turkish Industries needs. Over the years Hema Endustri has extended product range and industries it serves. Today as one of the leading engineering and manufacturing companies in Turkey, supplies systems and components to automotive, agricultural and construction equipment OEMs with additional divisions serving the mining, In 1998 the company name was changed to HEMA Endüstri A.Ş. to reflect the breadth of the company activities.Competing with leading manufacturers of the world, Hema continuously aims new technological capabilities in order to improve its product quality and efficiency. Giving particular importance to quality and customer satisfaction, Hema has over the years become a major OEM supplier in the industries that it serves.Hema owns well-trained, qualified and experienced 3000 strong workforce which fuels its growth and achievements.


Nursan, designs, develops and produces wire harnesses responsible for all electrical functions in the vehicle.Nursan provides an in-house flexible and compact infrastructure with highest level of quality assurance at production phase by manufacturing single vessel wire and smooth & spiral tubes, which protect wire bunch from fluid, heat and any physical impact. Availability of above mentioned production capacities have dramatically increased our guard against fluctuation in customer orders and our respond-time vis-à-vis their specific urgent modification needs.Nursan has in-house production, engineering and R&D departments and provides procurement, pricing and cost analysis activities directly from its Istanbul facility. With more than 3.151 employees at Kütahya, Tavşanlı, Istanbul (Turkey) and Burgas (Bulgaria) plants, which occupy a total 56.500 m2 indoor area Nursan fully supports its partners as well as the entire manufacturing process.


Opsan is one of the Turkey’s leader automotive suppliers that produces sheet metal and welded assembly parts. Started its life in 1963 producing pressurized containers, Opsan entered automotive industry by producing chrome plated bumpers for Renault in 1976. Currently, Opsan produces wide variety of metal products for its customers in its 30.000 m2 modern facility located in Gebze, Turkey.

Özka Lastik

ÖZKA LASTİK, having laid its foundation in the year 1994, manufactured products for the tyre retreading industry during the first years of it manufacturing activities.ÖZKA, determining its vision as being the leader brand in the domestic market and being a reputable brand in the foreign market, has clearly set forth its policy and targets with its strategical planning activities it has been carrying out in a professional manner. Within this scope, it firstly moved to its new facility in the year 2004 and started production in the Garden/Field, Light Truck – Van, Trailer, Tractor Front, Tractor Rear, Heavy Construction Equipment, Combine Harvester, Forklift and Panzer Tank Tyre groups. ÖZKA, continuing with its investments and increasing its capacity, added the Radial Tractor Tyre to its product range, hence became one of the biggest tyre manufacturing plants in the country.


Petlas, exporting nearly one hundred countries worldwide, has a large and stable distribution network throughout the world tire markets.

Standard Profil

Beginning its journey with a team of seven in 1977, Standard Profil has lost nothing of its enthusiasm and energy since day one. As of 2016, the group is a global family of 8,000 speaking six languages. It engages in production activities in seven countries, operates in five continents and exports to more than 45 countries.

Teklas Rubber

Teklas designs, develops and produces fluid systems with 9 different production locations in 5 countries and more than 4,800 employees.


TEKNOROT is Europe’s largest manufacturer of suspension and steering parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry. Teknorot started its sector journey with its 100% Turkish capital in 1992 and today continues its production in a total area of 90.000 m² and 65.000 m² indoor area with more than 1500 employees and a large machine park in Düzce Industrial Zone. Teknorot Global has 120.000 m² production area and 1700+ global employees.

Tırsan Solutions

In 2014, Tırsan Solutions became the umbrella brand for the trailer solutions engineered and manufactured under three companies: Tırsan Trailer A.Ş., Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH and Talson Trailer B.V.

Yarış Kabin

Yarış Kabin Co. is founded in 1977 by Hüseyin Yaris, Hasan Yarıs and Nazmi Yaris in Balıkesir Heavy Industry Zone. Being a limited company in 1982, Yarıs Kabin operates in the sector of agricultural equipment, manufacturing tractor and heavy construction vehicle security cabins. Aiming hundred percent customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and sustainable quality production strategy, Yarış brothers manufactured their first OEM production for Zirai Donatım Kurumları (Agricultural Equipment Institution, Turkey) in 1986. As the first exportation activity, company made its first business to Greece in 1993 which is followed by Spain and Italy. In 1995, factory has moved to its new destination on İzmir Highway and continued to manufacture in their new headquarters. By the participation of the second generation in 1998, company started to manufacture security cabins for Türk Traktör Company in 2000 and reformed as Inc. in 2001.

Yiğit Akü

Yigit Aku Corp. was established in Ankara in 1976 as one of the leading investors in our rapidly growing country. Today, Yigit Aku Corp. has an annual production capacity of 5,000,000 batteries by adopting the advanced technology in its factory that is virtually a production base established in an area of 40,000 m2.
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