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Tadım, Turkey's leading packaged nuts and dried fruits brand, was founded in 1971 by Mehmet Tekinalp.

The Tekinalp family from the city of Gaziantep has been trading pistachios since the 1940s, and today, they continue to contribute greatly to the promotion of the pistachio thanks to their third-generation representatives. Mr. Tekinalp's father, given the nickname "Arab the nuts seller", was known as the first person to introduce pistachio to Istanbul. The family exported the product to U.S. also for the first time in 1950s.

Mehmet Tekinalp has decided to package and sell other nuts and dried fruits as well as pistachios, for this purpose he founded Tadım in 1971 and stepped into the packaged nuts sector.

The vision of Tadım also became very clear in that period: “Packaging nuts and providing the customers with the best quality products in their freshest form at the most reasonable prices”.

Mehmet Tekinalp, aiming to ensure the hygiene conditions required for human health and to prolong the commercial life span of dried nuts products that are inclined to lose their freshness fast, has thus set the Tadım brand tree on very solid roots through this perspective.

The name "Tadım" was decided on as the brand name to convey tastiness, and its brand logo was designed by the great graphic master Mengü Ertel to ensure that it reaches consumers in the most efficient manner.

With nuts, dried fruit and Tadımca production facilities located in Gebze and Germany today, keeping its pioneering and leading position in the sector for 46 years, Tadım purchases the highest quality raw material from producers and processes and packages it on the production line untouched by human hands, delivering the product to the consumer at its freshest.
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