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  3. Thursday, 02 November 2017
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Hello guys! :)
We warmly welcome you to our business forums.
This post is about getting to know each other. We believe it is very important. After all, the thing that we call the business is mainly based on relationships, right?
So please take the first step and kindly introduce yourself here. For example, you can tell us where you are from, what industry you are in, what you buy/sell, what you are looking for, etc. And please acknowledge that it is always better to put such useful information into "About" section of your profile page as well. So people can access it any time easily and they can skip time-wasting dialogues like "What do you do?" and we can straightly get down to business.
If you have not done yet, please read our Forum Rules entirely before making any post here.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks and best regards,
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Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Outstanding competence in the field of bath and wellness SɅMIR® has been a creator of premium products in the design and wellness segment since 2009. Over the past ten years, SɅMIR® has gained a lot of experience and extremely valuable know-how, which is realized into the most current product range.

Our products are pleasant to touch and durable at the same time, they challenge the creativity of designers playing with conventions and always trying to surprise customers with new creations. Constantly new models and practical bathroom accessories extend the product range. Providing the utmost emotional experience every SɅMIR® product is designed rigorously to offer pleasure, luxury and prestige.

Unique aspect of SɅMIR® is a talented and experienced product development team including designers and engineers. Although SɅMIR® is a young company, over the years it has introduced numerous valuable functional innovations and technical solutions that have become an industry standard and adopted by other quality manufacturers.

As proof of continuous innovative product development SɅMIR® is proud to claim satisfied customers.
  1. http://samirbanyo.com.tr/en/
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