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  3. Sunday, 23 October 2016
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Digital Sport Platform. Sport Specific and Functional Physological Approach and Management System

We are looking for health centers, sport clubs, football associations in the worldwide international market. A user-friendly software application helps to play back the sport activity in 3D on a computer screen after the trainings, making it possible to analyze the whole training process.

The telemetric module may also be important for the head-coach of a national team, or club, by allowing distance real-time observations of the players.

The System is a complex version and we recommend not just for soccer clubs, but for other sports clubs - athletic - handball - swimming - horse sports - fitness - etc. club and associations - and health centers also interested.

Attached pls. find information on a unique solution for Telemetric System with highly promising future market potentia

Sport Specific and Functional Physological Approach and Management System
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  Budapest, Hungary

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