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1. Be yourself. As is basically a business networking platform, anonymous users are not welcome here. Only real people with real information on their profile are allowed. Please take time to complete your profile with accurate and much information as possible before writing or replying to a post here.

2. A small help doesn't cost anything to us while it can mean a lot for the people who need it. Please contribute to the forum by participating discussions. It is the nature of real connection which involves both giving and receiving.

3. Your writing represents you. Please try to be clear, specific and competent in your writing. It’s always better to read your text twice before clicking “submit” button in order to be sure that you have correctly followed the rules of English grammar. Choose an appropriate category and use descriptive headlines for your posts.

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In order to keep this forum as a relevant, neat and prestigious platform, editors can be pretty serious about enforcing those rules and guidelines.
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