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  1.   Textile & Leather
  2.   Public
Group for leather industry.

Environmental Protection

  1.   Environment
  2.   Public
A group for people who are in environmental protection field.

Sports and Fitness

  1.   Sports & Outdoors
  2.   Public
Sports and fitness industry; products, equipment, services...

Arts and Entertainment

  1.   Arts & Entertainment
  2.   Public
Musical instruments, TV, film and music industry, sound systems, global art events, art crafts, etc.

Packaging and Printing

  1.   Packaging & Printing
  2.   Public
Packaging and printing industry

Children, Baby, Maternity

Children, Baby, Maternity Industry - products and services

Natural Stones

  1.   Measurement & Analysis
  2.   Public
Marble, granite and some other natural building stones

Rubber and Plastics

  1.   Rubber & Plastics
  2.   Public
Rubber and plastics industry


  1.   Electronics
  2.   Public
Electronics industry, consumer electronics

Minerals and Metals

Copper, aluminum, carbon, gold, titanium,...

Apparel and Fashion

  1.   Apparel & Fashion
  2.   Public
Apparel and fashion industry, clothing

Arms and Defense

  1.   Arms & Defense
  2.   Public
Arms industry, defense industry, military service companies


  1.   Bags, Luggage, Cases
  2.   Public
Customs authorities, customs brokers


  1.   Computer Products
  2.   Public
Logistics services, logistics professionals

Health and Medical

  1.   Health & Medical
  2.   Public
Health and medical industry


  1.   Machinery
  2.   Public
Machinery, machines, industrial machines, machinery industry


Cosmetics, personal care, beauty products


  1.   Textile & Leather
  2.   Public
Textiles and clothing
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