Membership Features

Business Plan Core Features

It would be pretty exhausting (and unnecessary) to show a complete list of all the features. Therefore, only the core features are listed here.

Company Page

  • Create a company page to be listed in Companies directory
  • Add your company’s information and all contact details including address, phone number, email address, website, contact person’s name into business profile of your company page
  • Add your company’s logo as avatar image of your company page
  • Add your company’s banner as cover image of your company page
  • Create image albums (up to 15) for your products on albums section of your company page
  • Add images of your products (up to 75) into related albums of your company page
  • List your products (up to 15) into Marketplace from marketplace section of your company page
  • Add video links (up to 10) about your company or products in Videos directory from videos section of your company page
  • Use your company page as page or as person (owner account)
  • Assign manager access to other users from your followers if you want them to manage your page
  • Share updates and announcements
  • Gain followers and interact with them
  • Fast and easy-to-use user interface to create, upload and edit your own content
  • Support and assistance by BIZBEY will be available in building your company page.

Marketplace Listing

  • List your products (up to 15) in marketplace within your company page
  • Add product photo
  • Add product information
  • Add information about price and available quantity
  • Easy and effective way to display your best offers and generate qualified leads.

Personal Page

  • Create an account to use the platform and manage your activities
  • Add your professional information to your personal page
  • Add your personal picture as avatar image of your personal page
  • Add an image about your business as cover image of your personal page
  • Add contacts/friends up to 1000
  • Create contact/friend lists up to 10
  • Send private messages to your contacts/friends
  • Start chat with your contacts/friends using instant messenger
  • 50MB total storage space for all media uploads.

Forums Features

  • Write forum posts into related categories
  • Send sales proposals or purchase inquiries into related categories
  • Download attachments
  • Access to premium content.

Blog Features

  • Access to the chance of being featured in blog posts on supplier lists
  • Access to premium content.