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  about 1 year ago
Hello Cyril, Welcome to where global buyers and sellers meet, interact and stay connected with each other. This is a right place to make a success story in global business. As usual, some works should be done and they should be done correctly. Building trust online can be tough sometimes. It is important to start somewhere. For instance, you can start with completing your profile page, providing accurate and enough information about you and your business. Best regards,
  about 1 year ago
Thank you, İlker, for joining the conversation. I am glad that you enjoyed reading this interview. I hope we can produce such articles more. Regards.
  about 1 year ago
Thank you, Daniel, for joining the conversation. :)
  about 1 year ago
Hi Daniel. Thank you for your kind comment. Actually Bizbey is a portal for both sellers and buyers. We plan to release a sort of board for buying/selling leads. So we hope that there will be more buying leads in the future.
  about 2 years ago
Thank you very much for your kind comment, Adrian. Yes, you are right. Good quality market research is a life-saver and a valuable asset for the company. Business people should not fail to appreciate it. "Lazy attitude" is also worth to be included in the list. :)
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