Refund Policy

At BIZBEY, we aim at providing the best services for our users. We are always in your reach when you need any technical assistance or guidance to properly and effectively use our platform. In such a case, please do not hesitate to send us your support request via our Contact page. Our support team will assist you as soon as possible.

Every purchase includes a 7-day money back guarantee. If our service, namely any of paid membership plans, does not work as advertised, or if you are not satisfied with our service, we will be happy to provide a full or partial refund, excluding all the cost involved in the transaction, of your purchase after receiving your refund request submitted within the first 7 days of the purchase. 

However, in case any abuse of our Refund Policy or any violation of our Terms of Use is detected, we reserve the right to refuse a refund. This is to protect us and our platform, alongside with all of our users, so we can still keep providing the best services in our respective field. 

We reserve the right to refuse a refund under the following circumstances which might be abusive to our Refund Policy:  
- Your refund request was made after 7 days of your purchase.
- You already excessively used resources which come with your purchased service.
- You violated our Terms of Use in any way including (but not limited to) spamming, scamming, phishing, sharing inappropriate content, infringing copyright or intellectual property right, or anything else.
- You bought a membership plan or any other service with a discounted price instead of a regular list price. Purchases with discounted price will not be eligible for a refund.
- Renewals or upgrades will not be eligible for a refund.

BIZBEY may offer a full or partial refund in compliance with this Refund Policy. To submit a refund request for our review, you may send an email through our Contact page.

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